About IPv6 Ready

IPv6 Ready is an initiative by INEX to promote the uptake of IPv6 in the Internet and broader business communities. The move to IPv6 by businesses is a key element in the continued growth of the Internet, without this move new websites, services or Internet linked products will simply not be possible once IPv4 addresses are exhausted.

While IPv6 has been available and in active use for over 10 years, its take up has been stunted by the continued, but increasingly limited, availability of IPv4 address space. INEX, with the IPv6 Ready initiative is encouraging businesses to delay no longer and invest in IPv6 to ensure the future of their Internet related activity.

An opportunity exists for Ireland to lead the way in the take up of IPv6. Achieving success in this will assist with re-inforcing Ireland's reputation as the Internet capital of Europe.

The Internet is better on the other side. Get IPv6 Ready now.

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