IPv6 Ready Tests and Results

The following graph shows the accumulation of IPv6 Ready tests since the launch of the site on March 24th 2011.

[IPv6 Ready Tests Graph]

Of all the sites we have tested, the following is the breakdown of results:

[IPv6 Ready Results Graph]

For those sites that have been registered on IPv6 Ready, we have issued badges as follows:

[IPv6 Ready Badges Graph]

Of the unique websites we have tested that are IPv6 Ready, the following graph shows the unique AAAA records we have found and the unique IPv6 nameservers answered for those websites:

[IPv6 Websites, AAAA and Nameservers]


The following graph shows the growth in verified new user registrations (i.e. those users who register and activate their account by verifying their email address):

[User Registrations]

Lastly, the following graph shows the unqiue websites that have been tested on IPv6 Ready, those that have been registered (and verified) and those that we have rejected as not relevent to our target market.

[Websites Tested, Registered and Rejected]

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